domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

Pantene commercial

The product that is being advertised is a hair product and its brand is "Pantene". This advertising is targeting to all women and although this is a charming ad I do not like at all  the idea of selling because this ad plays with feelings of discrimination. What the ad shows is a young disabled girl, to be more specific, she is a deaf and a mute girl who struggles against her disability to play the violin while her classmate who is a competitive girl and who is always discriminating her, attempts to break down this girl's dream. But the young disabled girl achieves her dream and finishes playing the violin, being recognized by all the crowd.
The slogan that appears at the end of the ad next to the Pantene logo is "You can shine" and from my ponit of view this has nothing to do with anything. It is clear that this is a misleading ad that attempts to play with people's feelings using as marketing a disability

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